We have been approved to provide pesticide recertification in category 3B (and 60)

We are offering two great opportunities for persons to maintain state certifications:

Our on-line recertification programs are only available because of the strong support from:


Here is Further information about the Class for
Virginia Certified Pesticide Applicators: 3B and 60 (Registered Technician)

This program will soon be active! Keep reading for an overview of this VTC Member benefit.

The classes are 100% on-line, they are free, and are only available to VTC members.

The program is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days of the year.

The pesticide recertification course has seven lessons:  Two of the lessons are videos and five of them are written material. Except for the video ones, each lesson consists of several topics. At the end of each lesson or topic is a quiz that must be taken and passed before proceeding. The lessons must be taken sequentially.


Upon successfully completing the course, a certificate of completion be sent to VDACS. A copy will be emailed to you.

To join the VTC , please go to Join the VTC – Virginia Turfgrass Council (

Remember, you proceed sequentially (linearly) through the lessons – reading the material or watching the video and passing each quiz before proceeding to the next step.