About Virginia Turfgrass Council Environmental Institute

Flowering Pollinator Seed Packets

Thanks to TruGreen's sponsorship, in just two years we provided and distributed 50,000 packets of flowering pollinator seeds across the state. That is enough seeds to plant half a million acres with pollinating plants!

Details about the seeds are starting to appear on this page. For starters, take a look at one response from the Elizabeth River Project:

The IRS Has Approved the VTC Environmental Institute as a 501(c)(3) corporation. All your contributions to it are tax deductible!
Developing and distributing 25,000 Pollinator Seed Packets and cooperating with the City of Virginia Beach to provide and plant 6,000 grass plants on dunes are two of the Institute's initial endeavors.

You may donate via PayPal (button below) or by check or by credit card. Our address is VTC-Environmental Institute, PO Box 5989, Virginia Beach, VA 23471.