Today Wes Bray and Tom Tracy represented the VTC Environmental Institute at the City of Virginia Beach’s Earth Day celebration held at Mt.Trashmore Park. 

We reconnected with old friends (Michael Moore, Frank Walker, etc.) and made many new ones, including elementary school teachers, a Master Naturalist who came to our table seeking more seed packets to distribute at their table, and a person whose company is interested in donating to a 501c3 corporation (the Institute is such a corporation!)

Three vendors distributed our seed packets: (1) Beekeepers – their tent included Master Beekeeper Frank Walker and his observation beehive (2) Master Naturalists and (3) ours. Together, we distributed thousands of Flowering Pollinator Seeds. Remember, each thousand is enough to plant 25,000 square feet of flowering pollinators!

Thank you TruGreen for providing these seeds!!! We will have distributed 50,000 packets by the end of this season. That is enough seeds to plant 1.25 million square feet!

VTC Vice President Wes Bray waiting for one more attendee to walk by.

Wes Bray having yet another meaningful conversation!

….and another

Part of the crowd and vendors

Wes’ provision of coloring books and crayons. The stash was rapidly depleted

Tom Tracy taking advantage the shade.