1. Did you attend a recertification class this past year? Have you gone on-line and found you have not yet been credited for that class? You are not alone.
We checked with VDACS. Here is their explanation:
Unfortunately, this is tied to our new online system.  The new online system is not calculating the testing dates correctly which resulted in applicators not receiving credit for the recert courses that they had taken.
VDACS expects the situation will be fixed sometime this week. You may check the on-line list at

2. Does your pesticide applicator license expire this June but you have not received a bill from VDACS. Actually, that is the result of some very good news. Your pesticide certified applicator license fee  has now been removed. Bills are no longer being sent. Here is the explanation from VDACS:
As a reminder, certified pesticide applicators including both commercial applicators and registered technicians whose certificates expire on June 30, 2022, and who have taken the required recertification course(s) will have their certificate automatically renewed and a new certificate will be sent to them.  2 VAC 5-675 Regulations Governing the Pesticide Fees Charged By the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have been amended and there is no fee for pesticide applicators to renew their certificates.  There is no additional action required on your part unless you need recertification credit or your contact information has changed.  For more information regarding this year’s renewal process, please see “2022 Commercial Pesticide Applicator and Registered Technician Certification Renewals” at .