The following is an announcement is from the Office of Pesticide Services
 The expiration dates for all authorization letters for prospective applicators (including commercial applicators and registered technicians) to take the exam(s) to become certified issued on or after December 20, 2019, have been extended to June 30, 2021 or the current date of expiration, whichever is greater. It is imperative that prospective pesticide applicators who were issued an authorization letter to take the exam(s) for certification do so before the expiration date. Prospective applicators that do not take the exam(s) by June 30, 2021 or the current date of expiration, whichever is greater, will be required to submit a new application with appropriate fees to take the exam(s).  There will be no additional extensions to the expiration date. Opportunities for testing include the following options (Note: All requirements of the Governors Executive Order are required to be followed including wearing of facial masks; social distancing and disinfection):

a)       Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) – Prospective applicators (commercial applicators, private applicators and registered technicians) can take their exams at DMV customer service center. All services are by appointment only including pesticide applicator certification testing. Appointments can be scheduled on the DMV website. Select “Appointments” from their home page. When scheduling an appointment, prospective applicators will select the “Learner’s Permit and Other Testing” service type and the location where they will be testing. Applicators will next select the category “Knowledge Testing” and indicate they would like to take the knowledge test for “Dealer Operators, Salesperson, or Pesticide Applicator Certification”. According to the website, three months of appointment slots are available at any time on the calendar. Each day, a new day of appointments is added to the end of the available period. New appointment slots will be posted multiple times every hour. Cancellations can also create earlier availability in the calendar. If you do not see availability, all the posted appointment slots are currently booked. Individuals wanting to take a certification exam(s) at DMV should check the site frequently for availability and are encouraged to look outside their area. Should you need additional information regarding DMV reopening or services available, please contact DMV directly.
b)      Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA) VPMA is offering limited in person testing opportunities to prospective pesticide applicators. Information regarding testing locations and event registration is available on the VPMA website .  
c)       Proctored Testing by Pesticide Investigators – The Office of Pesticide Services Pesticide Investigators can also be available to proctor testing of prospective applicators.  Contact information for Pesticide Investigators is available on our webpage at .
As always, pesticide businesses and pesticide  applicators are encouraged to visit our website for the most current information.