House Bill 2030 (the bill regarding Neonicotinoids) has passed the House and comes before the Senate Agriculture Committee either tomorrow or Thursday.

PLEASE CONTACT THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS of the Senate Agriculture Committee by NOON Tomorrow. (Scroll down for major points.)

Chapman Petersen (;
Emmett Hanger (;
Frank Ruff (;
Mark Obenshain (;
Richard Stuart (;
Dave Marsden (;
Bill Stanley (;
Lynwood Lewis (;
David Suetterlein (;
Monty Mason (;
Jennifer McClellan (;
Joe Morrissey (;

Here are major points:
– The Committee Chair (Senator Petersen) believes the bill sets a terrible precedent. If the bill’s patron insists on pursuing a vote on House Bill 2030, persons on the committee need to hear from you before they consider the bill. It is important to know that  Senator Petersen is from Northern Virginia and he is a Democrat.

– Pesticides in Virginia are regulated by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Regulating specific products apart from that regulatory agency sets a very bad precedent and leads to unintended consequences in future years.

– When you send e-mails to the following be sure to mention where you live and the scope of your business.

– Be polite and don’t get sucked into the pros and cons of neonicotinoid usage. This is a time to focus on established procedures for regulating pesticides.

– If you are asked about our industry’s use of neonicotinoids, mention (1) you use them legally, safely and take all steps to protect pollinators, (2) they are the product for controlling mosquitoes which if not controlled spread life-threatening diseases, (3) they are the product for controlling Spotted Lantern Fly which is a new pest that is devastating vineyards, vegetables, apples, and landscapes throughout its range. Spotted Lantern Fly has been identified in Virginia and will likely soon be throughout the state.