Service Projects are just one of the distinctives of the VTC Environmental Institute. Providing and planting American Beach Grass plants at the Virginia Beach oceanfront started it all (thank you Lawns & Gardens Plus and Agronomic Lawn Management!) That grass planting is expanding next year – an expansion in terms of size and partnerships. Go to the web page for an oversight of the beach grass planting.

We are embarking on an additional service project. This new project will be in the City of Petersburg. We are working with Virginia State University and the Lakemont Neighborhood Community Project.

Seed money for the Petersburg was provided by the Keep Virginia Beautiful. Here is a comment we just received from Keep Virginia Beautiful: Good for you!  While some people and officials will say they support an environmental project, it’s another matter to have real involvement.  You (1) must be doing a lot of things right, good to hear.

(1) VTC Environmental Institute