VDACS Update – Letters of Authorizations and Temporary Registered Technician Requirement

June 30 marked both the end of the extension for Letters of Authorization (LOA) issued on or after December 20, 2019 as well as the state of emergency in response to COVID-19. To that end, as of July 1, 2021, all authorization letters for prospective applicators to take the exam(s) to become certified expire on the date listed in the letter. There are no extensions to the expiration dates. Prospective applicators who do not take the exam(s) by the expiration date are required to submit a new application with appropriate fees to take the exam(s).  

 In addition, the Temporary Registered Technician Requirement, which allows employees of licensed pesticide businesses to apply pesticides without obtaining a registered technician certification, will cease on July 30, 2021 and registered technicians will be required to be certified to apply pesticides.  The Temporary Registered Technician Requirement was valid for the duration of the state of emergency due to COVID-19, as declared by Governor Northam (Executive Order 51) and ceases 30 days after the state of emergency expires or was otherwise rescinded. Employees who have not completed the certification process within the 30 days will no longer be allowed to apply pesticides until they complete the certification process.

Our webpage is currently being updated with this and other information. Please visit https://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/pesticides.shtml for the most current information.