Experts at  Virginia Tech have just written and released a Fall Armyworm management update for Lawn Care Professionals. Download it here.

Pasted below is a request from those experts (Drs. Kuhar, Del Pozo, and Goatley). Please send them requested info so they can better understand this pest and its implications for our industry.

“As we are scrambling to better understand this recent fall armyworm outbreak in Virginia, several of us are curious how selective (or host specific) this current strain of fall armyworm occurring in Virginia might be.  If you have information or have observed fall armyworms destroying any plants other than tall fescue lawns, fields, pastures, golf course roughs, etc.,  please let me know.  We need to better understand the risk to all crops as well as types of grasses.  Information such as “FAW destroyed the fescue but did not touch the crabgrass or clover within the lawn would be quite valuable.”   Please email your observations to, and  Thank you.