Notice from VDACS

To: All licensees and contractor-applicators who apply fertilizer for commercial purposes to nonagricultural land; and all state agencies, localities or other government entities who apply fertilizer to nonagricultural land.

Subject: Annual Turf Fertilizer Reporting by Zip Code

The Virginia Fertilizer Law requires contractor-applicators, state agencies, localities and other governmental entities to report to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services the annual acreage or square footage of fertilizer applied to nonagricultural (lawn and turf) lands. The area is reported in terms of total acres or total square feet by zip code.

NOTE: This report is NOT a tonnage report. This report will provide information concerning only acreage(or square footage) of fertilizer application to nonagricultural lands by zip code.

Fertilizer contractor-applicator licensees who apply lawn fertilizer and lawn maintenance fertilizer to more than a total of 50 acres (>50 acres) of nonagricultural lands annually.

Go to the VDACS Fertilizer Web Page for details.