Smith Turf & Irrigation recently announced Dan McGrory’s upcoming retirement.

“In our industry, there are individuals who have set the bar when it comes to developing valued relationships, anticipating the needs of the customer and above all, being a good human being.

Dan McGrory is certainly one of these individuals. While we are disheartened to announce that Dan is retiring at the end of this month, we are also extremely happy for him to have reached this wonderful milestone in his professional career.

Dan began working in our industry in 1974 as an employee of Richmond Power Equipment Co., the Toro commercial equipment distributor for Virginia then. He initially started work in the warehouse pulling parts for customers but his easygoing demeanor and great sense of humor made him a natural fit for customer relations, sales and support. Dan’s professionalism has never faltered regardless of whom he works with. Employees, friends, customers and peers have all come to rely on Dan’s dependable and trustworthy response and advice. He has mentored and coached many STI employees throughout the years, as they have grown within their own careers in the green industry. This is a trait of a genuine and good person.

Dan’s contribution to Smith Turf & Irrigation and the Virginia territory has been steadfast, dependable and valued! In 2016, Dan was awarded the R.D. Cake Silver Tray Memorial Award by the Virginia Turfgrass Council for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Virginia turfgrass industry.

He has also participated as a past board member of the Virginia Turfgrass Foundation, Virginia Golf Course Superintendents Association and the Virginia Turfgrass Council. Dan also managed and coordinated the VTC Research golf tournament for a period of nearly eight years.

Dan is looking forward to spending more time with his wife Sandra and granddaughter Audrey. He also recently learned that his family will soon be blessed with another grandchild this summer!

We hope that Dan will stay in touch and visit when he can, as we will all miss him as an employee and valued friend. Dan McGrory made our Virginia team and company better in every way and he will always be part of our STI family.

When the time is right and we are not in the midst of a global pandemic, we will celebrate Dan’s long career in our industry and with our company.

Please join us in wishing him the very best in retirement and in thanking him for his loyal dedication to STI and to our customers.”