Here is a snapshot of what is happening in New York and New Jersey. Many thanks to NALP for providing the information.


NEW YORK- Multiple bills filed in legislature this week 

With the legislature now in Democratic supermajority, bills that restrict both pesticides and fertilizer use have increased probability of passage in the new session in Albany. This past week saw Governor Cuomo signing legislation that prohibits the use of glyphosate on state property, with a follow up bill introduced to further refine policy. Here are the first of what we expect to be a multitude of bills to be introduced.

  • A 528 – Children Camps Pesticide Use Prohibition. Prohibits the use of pesticides at camps in the state.
  • A 689 – Glyphosate Health Risks. Directs the department of Health to undertake a study of the health effects of the herbicide glyphosate.
  • S 1002 – Moratorium on the Distribution of Glyphosate. Institutes a moratorium on the sale or use of glyphosate until a task force completes a safety study.
  • S 699 – Birds and Bees Protection Act. Prohibits the sale of neonicotinoid insecticides in the state.
  • S 1113 – Gas Powered Leaf and Lawn Blowers. This legislation seeks to ban the use of gasoline powered leaf blowers between May 1st and September 13th.


NEW JERSEY – Neonic Bill Hearing Held. 

The neonicotinoid restricted use bill in the New Jersey Assembly has moved from the Assembly Committee to the Appropriations Committee after a meeting held on Thursday. Lawn Doctor’s Chris Sherrington testified in opposition to the bill on behalf of the green industry. Amendments to the bill would prohibit the use of the neonicotinoids by landscape professionals by only allowing agricultural uses of the products. A meeting of the New Jersey Green Industry Council was scheduled for today to further discuss options and engagement with legislators. A companion bill in the Senate is championed by Senator Bob Smith who has thus far been unwilling to concede to the requests of the green industry for relief.