A Central Virginia River Keeper Association asked if the VTC Environmental Institute was able to place displays at key places in the areas they maintain.  Our Petersburg work with Virginia State University, the Lakemont Neighborhood Community Project, Keep Virginia Beautiful, and others prompted that request.  That work, which is scheduled to be completed this coming Thursday, mitigates sediment going into the James River.

The good work of our industry is getting noticed!

Remember – never forget – local, regional, and national environmental groups are powerful.
In state after state, regulations against our industry usually begin with persons getting rules changed first in localities and later in the state house. Fortunately, here in Virginia the vast majority of environmental groups are willing to work with the industry.

Sadly, I had to tell the person we are unable to create, install, and maintain displays at this time.

The Environmental Institute is only a year old. We have accomplished much in a few short months but there is so much more to be done.

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