Dates and Location
February 1-3 (Tue – Thur) at Virginia Crossings (just north of Richmond): 1000 Virginia Center Parkway, Glen Allen 23059 (note: special reservation link will soon be online)



NEW – Day Two is “Legislative Day” and focuses on Industry Regulatory Issues

Tuesday, February 01: Extensive Vendor Time Throughout the Day
WS Connelly and Sons Innovative Research Contest
VTC Annual Business Meeting
Keynote: Brad Jakubowski, Pennsylvania State University
Updates from Virginia Tech (Shawn Askew, Alejandro Del Pozo, Jeff Derr, David McCall) and Brad

Wednesday, February 2, 2022: Legislative Day
Regulatory Challenges to Our Industry: A Look at National Issues and the Experiences of Other States
(Bob Mann, NALP)
EPA Regulatory Update (EPA Representative)
H-2B Status – (Karla Segundo, NALP)
VDACS’ New OnLine Pesticide System (Liza Fleeson Trossbach, VDACS)
Virginia’s General Assembly Update (Virginia Agribusiness Council)
New Rules for Certified Fertilizer Applicators (Larry Nichols, VDACS)
Developing Partnerships in a Challenging Regulatory Climate (Lindsay Thompson, )
Partnering With Environmental Groups: Lessons from the Field (Cindy Smith)

(Visits to General Assembly will begin around 9AM BUT COVID restrictions may be in place that will not allow those visits to happen)

Thursday, February 3, 2022: Pesticide and Fertilizer Certification and Recertification Day

Several Opportunities are Available (See details on pdf form) or online