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Virginia Tech School of Turfgrass Ecology and Managment (VT-STEM)

December 6, 2020 - March 28, 2021


How to enroll:
Online enrollment is available from November 1 thru December 18. The cost is $515 per student. Click Here to go to registration page.

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School goals:
VT‐STEM serves as an introductory course detailing the principles in environmentally responsible turfgrass ecology and management for all segments of the turfgrass industry and is suitable for managers that grow either cool‐ or warm‐season turfgrasses. The school provides an inexpensive virtual opportunity for students desiring a better understanding of the principles of turfgrass management to formally engage with the faculty and staff of the VT Turfgrass Team, and prepare to become a VT Certified Turfgrass Professional.

Dr. Michael ‘Mike’ Goatley Jr.,Professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist, goatley@vt.edu; Whitnee Askew, Turfgrass Program Manager, waskew@vt.edu; Mr. Jordan Booth, CGCS, Research Specialist, VT‐Independence Golf Club, jordanbooth@vt.edu

VT faculty/staff:
Dr. Shawn Askew, Dr. Abigail Baxter, Dr. Alejandro Del Pozo, Dr. Jeff Derr, Mr. Jon Dickerson, Mr. Sam Doak, Dr. Thomas Kuhar, Dr. David McCall, Mr. Adam Nichols, Dr. Dan Sandor.

Training schedule:
Beginning the week of December 6, 2020, recorded presentations (see schedule below for topics) and supplementary reading materials are available to all students for review on their own schedule. At 7 p.m. eastern on Wednesday of each training week, the VT instructors host a live 2 hr Zoom Q+A session with all students (sessions recorded for future viewing).

Training manual chapters that supplement all video presentations will be available as pdfs for either online review or download through the Canvas website of each enrolled student. Other training materials will be posted on the website as needed.

A quiz covering the weekly materials will be offered each week prior to the training and after the Wednesday Q+A sessions in order for students to assess progress.

All students that complete the School will receive a certificate of completion. Those that pass all quizzes and Certified Fertilizer Applicator testing will have the opportunity to take the Virginia Tech Certified Turfgrass Professional exam. The Certification covers these additional areas: turfgrass and pest identification, general turfgrass management principles, turfgrass mathematics, and best management practices in protecting water quality. The certification exams will be scheduled the week of March 28, 2021.

How to enroll:
Online enrollment is available from November 1 thru December 18. The cost is $515 per student (Click Here).

December 6, 9 Turfgrass Identification Tips; Cool Season Turfgrass Adaptation and Uses Dr. Mike Goatley, Professor and
Extension Turfgrass Specialist

December 13, 16 Warm‐Season Turfgrass Adaptation and Uses; Principles in Turfgrass Growth and Development Dr. Mike Goatley, Professor and
Extension Turfgrass Specialist

January 3, 6 Soil Science Principles for Turfgrass Managers Jon Dickerson, VT Turfgrass Research Center Manager

January 10, 13 Irrigation Principles in Turfgrass Management Dr. Dan Sandor, Collegiate Assistant Professor of Turfgrass

January 17, 20 Turfgrass Establishment Adam Nichols, Turfgrass Research Manager, VT Hampton Roads AREC

January 24, 27 Turfgrass Nutrition and Nutrient Management Strategies; Dr. Mike Goatley, Professor and
Extension Turfgrass Specialist

Jan 31/Feb 3 Mowing Principles and Cultural Management Practices
February 7, 10 Weed Management in Turfgrass Dr. Shawn Askew, Professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist

February 14, 17 Weed Identification Tips for the Most Prominent Mid‐Atlantic Weeds Dr. Jeff Derr, Professor and Extension Ornamental Weed
Specialist and Director, VT‐HRAREC

February 21, 24 Principles of Turf Entomology and Tips in Identification and Mgt of the Predominant Mid Atlantic Turfgrass Insects
Dr. Thomas Kuhar, Professor of Entomology; Dr. Alejandro Del‐Pozo Valdivia, Assistant Professor of Entomology

Feb 28/ March 3 Turfgrass Disease Management and Tips in Identification and Management of the Predominant Mid‐Atlantic Turfgrass Diseases
Dr. David McCall, Assistant Professor and Turfgrass Pathology Specialist; Mr. Jordan Booth, VT Research Specialist at Independence Golf Course

March 7, 10 Turfgrass Mathematics; Principles in Sprayer and Spreader Calibration Sam Doak, Instructor, Virginia Tech Agricultural Technology program; Dr. Mike Goatley, Professor and
Extension Turfgrass Specialist

March 14, 17 Best Management Practices That Protect Water Quality Dr. Abigail Baxter, Nutrient Management Specialist, Va DCR

March 28 Optional Virginia Tech Certified Turfgrass Professional Testing available this week.