BAN on Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Gaining Traction in Maryland (is Virginia next?)

The Following Report is from NALP

This afternoon NALP will be providing oral and written testimony during a hearing on HB 935. HB 935 is a bill that would ban the use of gas-powered leaf blowers by 2025. This is another example of a completely misguided piece of legislation being pushed by entities and individuals that do not understand our industry, the importance of leaf blowers and the current performance, cost and infrastructure barriers to this transition. NALP supports a responsible transition and is making the following push:

The professional landscape industry would ask that the Maryland legislature take a different approach.  Rather than forcing companies to operate with electric leaf blowers that do not meet their need we would suggest incentivizing via rebate programs to subsidize the purchase of new equipment to lessen the expense and burden.  This will reward early adopters rather than penalize small companies that will have a more difficult time making this transition.   For example, the state of Washington is pushing forward legislation that would eliminate sales tax for gas powered landscape equipment which has received strong support from a diverse group of stakeholders.  California has already pledged $30 million last year to ease the transition and are asking for even more in 2022 as part of annual process to support a transition.

NALP continues to put the transition from gas to electric as a top priority and will continue to advocate for a responsible transition when the equipment is ready on behalf of the entire landscape industry.