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Certified Fertilizer Applicator Program Requirements
What does the Code of Virginia require? We have placed relevant parts of the Code into a training unit. You may download a pdf file of that unit.

How do you train your persons to be trained applicators (not the same as a "certified fertilizer applicator")? Methods vary, but be very sure to include the following ten core areas in any training you provide:
1. Proper nutrient management practices such as allowable rate of application for nutrients for various types of vegetation and determining quantity of product to apply based on nutrient analysis;
2.Timing of applicationduring appropriate seasons for various types of vegetation and restrictions on intervals for reapplication;
3. Soil analysis techniques and interpretation of soil analysis results such as proper frequency and depth of sampling and determining appropriate rates of application based on soil analyses;
4. Equipment calibration techniques and procedures for liquid and dry fertilizer applicators and determination of size of application areas;
5. Understanding and interpreting fertilizer labels;
6. Proper handling and appropriate notification procedures of accidents and incidents;
7. Proper methods of storing, mixing, loading, transporting, handling, applying, and disposing of fertilizer;
8. Managing applications near impervious surfaces such as streets, driveways, sidewalks, or paved ditches, as well as near water bodies to avoid off-target applications;
9. Safety and health, including proper use of personalprotective equipment; and
10. Recordkeeping and reporting requirements of this regulation.

Download a copy of DCR's Standards and Criteria Manual. This is the document that is used as the guiding reference for fertilizer applications.

Download an abbreviated copy (only contains turfgrass pages) of DCR's Standards and Criteria Manual. This is the document that is used as the guiding reference for fertilizer applications.
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