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Board of Directors

Officers (1-year terms)

Scott Woodward (President)
Michael Skelton (Vice President)
Jimmy Viars (Treasurer)
Phil Bailey (Secretary)
Rick Owens (Past President)

Board Members (3-year terms)

Phil Bailey (18)
    Cypress Creek Golfer's Club

Wes Bray (18)
   Lawns and Gardens Plus

Scott Caskie (appointed in 2018 to fill a vacant position - to be voted by members at next membership meeting)
   Meadows Farm Golf Course

Tony Montgomery (17)
   Draper Valley Golf Club

Rick Owens (16)
   Laurel Hill Golf Club

T.J. Skirsky (17)
   SiteOne Landscape Supply
   (540) 899-6106

Jesse Pritchard (18)
   University of Virginia

Michael Skelton (16)
   Culpeper County Parks and Rec

David Smith (17 - for open position which expires Jan. 2019)
    Fawn Lake Country Club
Jimmy Viars (17)
   Gloucester County Public Schools

Scott Woodward (11;17) 
   Woodward Turf Farms

Craig Zeigler (17 - for open position which expires Jan. 2019)
   Agronomic Lawn Management